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The Captains Flat Community Garden is a Captains Flat Community Association project. Open to anyone in Captains Flat, our garden was reinvigorated in 2013.

Our Captains Flat Community Garden is a place where we can come together to grow food and other plants, in a beautiful and supportive environment. We aim to increase our community’s knowledge of good nutrition and help families provide cheap, nutritious, chemical-free food. Our garden aims to be a place of beauty. We aim to foster the sharing of gardening knowledge and wisdom. Our garden is a place where children and adults can relax and have fun.

We aim to develop a sustainable, water wise garden and teach people how to build such a garden in their own yards. We hope to encourage beneficial insects and other fauna to our garden. In our garden they will find a safe home and food and in return they provide free pest control for us. We hope to teach our community how to do the same in their home gardens.

Flowers grow in flower gardens, vegetables grow in vegetable gardens, people grow in community gardens.



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