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The Bridgeley Community Garden, located behind the Bridgeley Community Center in Northam, Western Australia!

The garden is managed as a group, however, some members may have individual plots or work on group plots.

Small garden with approximately 25 garden plots from 3mX2m to raised circular beds and elevated trough gardens for wheelchair access. The primary aim is to provide a community meeting place for all people regardless of age or race.

We have a focus on recycling through rainwater harvesting, composting, and a worm farm. We have a kitchen with an area for food preserving and preparation demonstrations. Our aim is to provide facilities for anyone in the community to deliver educational and development activities promoting awareness of environmental, health, social issues, and the arts.

We started with an undeveloped site that had previously been used as a workshop and the soil required a lot of treatment. There was no water or power to the site and all the garden beds, irrigation systems, rainwater tank footpaths, and basic set up of the shed were done using primarily volunteer labour.

We have a core of stalwarts who keep day-to-day things running in the garden, this is important during the hot summer months and people look out for each other’s garden plots when they are away.

We have a range of other volunteers we can call on to help with our garden development programme.



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