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The development of the Bellfield Community Garden was jointly initiated by Banyule City Council and members of disestablished Cultivating Ivanhoe Community Group in discussions through 2013 and 2014.

A Community Meeting to establish the level of support for a community garden in Bellfield was held at the Bellfield Community Centre on 21st May 2014, with approximately 80 residents in attendance. At a subsequent meeting on 4th June 2014, two working groups were initiated to establish the garden.

At the Banyule City Council Meeting on 23rd of June 2014, Council resolved to allocate $40,000 to the establishment of the Bellfield Community Garden as part of its 2014‐2015 budget.

The purpose of the Bellfield Community Garden is to establish and maintain an accessible sustainable community garden, a community gathering space, and an educational and recreational green space that encourages community participation and interaction. In all activities, members aim to make the garden a community garden a safe and harmonious place for all members and visitors. It is a not‐for‐profit organisation run by local volunteers.

The three main aims of the Bellfield Community Garden are:

  • To develop an open space community fruit and vegetable garden for individual community members and community groups who want to engage in, and learn about, sustainable gardening practices.
  • To provide a meeting place for individual community members and groups to develop a community gardening identity.
  • To promote the Bellfield Community Garden within the Bellfield neighbourhood, and across the Banyule council area and neighbouring council areas, and form strong community partnerships to enhance and influence the success of the garden.



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