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Vision: The garden will be used as a community gardening and gathering space, a space for the creation and display of art and as a living example and experiment in living green. It will contain a communal veggie patch as well as individual allotments, an orchard, a covered meeting space with cooking and storage facilities, and we hope to fill it with flowers, colour, sculpture, art and people.

The BHCAG Mission

  • To actively build community
  • To include all walks of life
  • To encourage the sharing of skills and resources
  • To utilise and demonstrate Pemaculture principles
  • To grow food locally
  • To provide experience and education for sustainable living

Benefits of Community Gardening
Community gardening has a range of benefits for all members of the local community, including health, social, educational and environmental.

  • Health :Gain the nutritional benefits of organic food and improve your mental health – gardening can be meditative and relaxing.
  • Social:Enjoy an inclusive community environment; making friends, sharing common interests, and engaging in creative problem solving.
  • Educational: The garden will provide a space for learning and skills sharing, environmental awareness and education. Art workshops, water wise techniques and recycling demonstrations will all take place on site.
  • Enriching the Urban Environment: Using under-utilised land, encouraging passive and active recreation, encouraging communication between council and locals.

We welcome contributions and support from anyone who is interested.

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