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Ballybs Patch is located at Lot 21, Church St Balgownie. It is situated in an area of medium density housing, in close proximity to Balgownie Village, an urban suburb of the Wollongong Local Government Area.

Wollongong Council recently sought to sell this particular parcel of land, as it is too small for active sports or recreational uses. However, local residents stepped forward in protest to retain this parcel with the goal of building a community garden. The suburb of Balgownie comprises a mixed population of young families, as well many older and retired community members living in conventional houses or town houses with limited garden space.

Ballys Patch has attracted a diverse group of people and ages from the Balgownie village community who are seeking to contribute to the active use of community space, through growing food and building a community garden. The garden will provide a range of uses such as lot based vegetable beds, a fruit tree grove, and will provide a site for educational workshops, community working bees, and a social hub for Balgownie village.

The garden is also reminiscent of the early years of the Balgownie history when many families traditionally grew significant amounts of food in their backyards. In recent years many people have lost these skills. Ballybs Patch will provide a space where the community can come together to enjoy a rediscovery of these skills.

Ballys Patch will house a communal food forest, and lot based vegetable beds. It will provide a space for educational workshops.

Activities: Meetups are on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 9 am. They involve light gardening, shared food and good chats. In summer, the garden hosts twilight meetups. An end-of-year party is hosted in December and involves a BBQ and drinks to thank all the dedicated members.




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