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The Anakie Community Garden is located at the Parks Victoria Anakie Community Depot on Geelong-Ballan Rd, Anakie.

The community garden will be used as a community space where people will have the opportunity to grow fresh food and propagate plants for their own garden; a place to share stories and make new friends.

The garden will provide opportunities to integrate artistic elements into the space, showcase a number of different garden bed systems for growing vegetables and incorporating fruit-bearing trees and shrubs.


  • To assist locals to produce their own fruit and vegetables through the establishment of a community garden;
  • To assist locals in seed collection, propagation and growing of plants that are ornamental, native and edible for their own use;
  • To facilitate activities where participants increase their skills and knowledge in the area of sustainable gardening and natural resource management;
  • To provide a social environment where locals are able to get together to share ideas, knowledge and skills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.



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