Getting started checklist

checklist_2001Checklist for new community gardens

Use this checklist to:

  • record what you like and what you are uncertain of when touring community gardens to collect ideas for a new community garden
  • think about what you would like in a new community garden and how you might manage it.

After visiting community gardens, organise a debriefing session to collate, from this checklist, what you like, what you don’t want and what needs further investigation for inclusion in your new community garden.

>>>> Download (pdf 184 KB)


  1. Dave Ferwerda


    I am looking at approaching council for a community garden in Port Melbourne VIC. I have drafted a proposal and am about to do a mail-out to local residents. I have read the checklist but was wondering if I could discuss membership and how our proposed community garden can be part of this network. Ideally, I’d like to direct people to this website and hopefully establish a email address.

    Any help and/or contact greatly apprecaited.


    Dave Ferwerda – 0409 702 191

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