Wollongong City Council adopts procedures to facilitate community gardening

WOLLONGONG CITY COUNCIL has endorsed a process to consider applications for the use of community land for community gardens.

Not for profit community groups are eligible to apply, and will be required to demonstrate:

  • a planned garden project
  • adequate group structure
  • engagement of local community
  • appropriate insurance cover (an auspice arrangement is suitable).

Once the project is approved and any required development approvals are granted, a licence agreement to use the land will be entered into with Council.

Council has a factsheet and forms available on the Council website.

If you are a council officer who would like to know details about the internal procedures for the application process, please contact

me directly: ASchipp[at]wollongong.nsw.gov.au
Phone — 02 4227 7177.

Amanda Schipp
Environmental Strategy Officer
Wollongong City Council


  1. media Post author

    Health Promotion Coordinator (Hellyer)
    Primary Health Services I North West Area Health Service I Department of Health and Human Services BURNIE Tas 7320

    Subject: Community Garden Policy developed by Wollongong CC
    Hi all
    Congratulations to Wollongong City Council who has recently developed a Community Gardens on Community Land Policy which is comprehensive and addresses the many challenges both community groups and the council face in supporting community based activities around food growing.

    The policy has been developed by Council’s very committed and motivated Environmental Strategy and Planning team. The policy compliments the Illawarra Biodiversity & Local Food Strategy for Climate Change Project which is assisted by funding from the NSW Environmental Trust grant.

    One of the major hurdles was attempting to make Community Gardens DA exempt. This exemption was included in the Draft Wollongong Local Environmental Plan but unfortunately was not supported by the NSW Department of Planning.

    To ensure community’s viewpoint is considered WCC has appointed a cross divisional assessment panel to process applications which are then submitted to their DA planners.

    Establishment of a Community garden requires a fully functioning community group which enters into a licensing agreement with council to ensure sustainability of the garden once established

    See basic information below with more detail in attachments. WCC Information session to be held on 2nd September
    (flyer attached)


    Health Promotion Service

  2. Maria Pickles

    HI There,

    I am interested in accessing this information the links on the fact sheets etc are not working at present.

    I am involved in a small community of 300 people who would like to start a garden however we have not been given clear direction or steps from Council.

    We seem to be working through barriers one by one.

    If anyone can help who has knowledge of the local govt and planning act please make contact.

    We propose to make the garden temporary that way we may not need a DA


    Maria Pickles
    North Arm Cove


    Hi Maria, Council has changed their website, thanks for picking up the link that doesn’t work. I’ve gone to Council’s website and hopefully have linked to the same page.

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