Time for a community garden in Blackwood?

Pauline Coulls writes…

“Hi Community gardenites…

Things are moving, albeit slowly, in our attempt to establish a community garden in Blackwood, South Australia.

The Mitcham Council has passed a motion that such a garden should be established in the Mitcham Coucil area. All we have to do is convince them that Blackwood is the most suitable place.

Money has been set aside for this project , ie. looking for a site. Our little working group has

at least three sites which are suitable. All we have to do is convince Council that at least one of these is desirable.

Now that we may have a Carbon Tax looming and the possible increase in the price of consumer goods, now is the time to get this garden up and running.

If anyone reading this and is not involved in the Blackwood Action Group Community Garden project coullspa[at]exemail.com.au.”


  1. claire

    From Mitcham Council:

    Come along and have your say on establishing a community garden in Mitcham: 6pm Thursday 20th October 2011 at the City of Mitcham, Mayor’s Parlour, 131 Belair Road Torrens Park.

    Speakers will present information on the benefits and challenges of running a community garden.

    For further information or to register please call Lyn on 8372 8899 or email

  2. Susan Westgarth

    My daughter in law, Lauren Westgarth told me about your quest for community garden. I am supportive of your goal. Can you develop a garden on maybe church grounds/local school and then apply for funding through other means? Just a thought, don’t have any knowledge!
    Yours sincerely

    Susan Westgarth
    Belair SA

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