The two-year Growing Communities WA project comes to an end today

Hi all

The two-year Growing  Communities WA project comes to an end today.

What a fabulous 2 years! The project has played a significant role in generating new interest in the concept of community gardening in WA and also in feeding and helping to sustain interest and momentum generated from other sources. We currently know of 39 community gardens in WA – either established gardens or those under construction or in the development stages – 26 of these gardens have started in the last two years!

The Growing Communities WA team have really enjoyed working with you all over the last two years; your journeys into community gardening have been the life and substance of this project. We wish you the very best with your future efforts in this area.

The new home for community gardens in WA is the That’s the place to visit if you’re trying to find gardens, information or support. Keep your eye open for three great new free resources to be launched on the website this week – Community Gardening Success Factors, Funding Your Community Garden and Growing Education: Community gardens building effective partnerships with education providers.

If you’d like to stay in touch after today, you can find me at

Warm regards (on this chilly day!)

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