TAFE Outreach tour Randwick Community Organic Garden

A TAFE OUTREACH tour visited Eastern Sydney’s Randwick Community Organic Garden in June this year.

The Outreach students traveled from the NSW Central Coast to visit the Randwick and Newtown community gardens as part of their studies in home food production. At Randwick, they were guided by community garden educator, Emma Daniell, and the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network’s Russ Grayson.

The Central Coast TAFE Outreach tourers

The Central Coast TAFE Outreach tourers. Second from right is community garden educator, Emma Daniell.

The Randwick garden is proving popular with tours and is a stop-over on those City of Sydney community garden tours that visit the city east.

“Hosting visits by people interested in community gardening has become a part of the educational role of community gardens”, said Russ.

“Those of us active with the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network encourage people interested in starting a community garden to organise a fact-finding tour of existing gardens.

“By doing this, they learn how different gardens organise themselves and deal with the challenges that come with community gardening. They also see how community gardens go about designing for their site”.

This was the second bus tour from the Central Coast to visit the Randwick garden. Just a few weeks earlier, accompanied by Accredited Permaculture Training student, Kerrie Anderson, a busload of Central Coast community gardeners had visited.



  1. Jeanette Bunter

    Hi Russ and Emma

    We just like to say “A Big Thank You” to you two knowledgeable people.
    The WYONG OUTREACH TAFE class is still talking and spreading the word about the amazing time they had at the gardens.

    They were so inspired by the lay outs of the gardens and how much diversity can be grown in on small area.Just mention the Community gardens tour/excursion and their faces will lid up with a big smile.

    All the Best for the future
    The gardens are a great example to follow.

    Kind Regards
    Jeanette Bunter

    Ps i did send you an e-mail before, obviously it was not delivered?

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