Sydney gathering—Sun 11 Dec '11

We haven’t had a regional Sydney community garden gathering for ages!

It would be great to meet many other gardeners and find out what’s happening in your gardens and suburbs.

There are so many new gardens springing up!

We also want to talk about plans for a National buy viagra canada Gathering in Sydney next October.

Tell all your community garden friends to come along!


  • White’s Creek Community Garden, 31 White Street, Lilyfield


  • Sunday, December 11


  • Arrive at 11:00am for a cuppa and catchup—11:30 start – 2:30pm finish



  • 11:30am Community gardens—tell us your story, what have you been up to?
  • 1:00pm Tour of Whites Creek Community Garden
  • 12:30pm Shared lunch
  • 1:00-2:30pm Discussion: planning together for 2012 and any other items people would like to discuss:
    Do we want to organise garden shared workshops, organised shared open days?
    Do we want to host a national gathering of community gardeners from around Australia in Sydney in October 2012?


  • great stories about your gardens;
  • finger food to share for lunch and cool drinks if desired
  • plate and cutlery for yourself.


  • tea and coffee, milk, sugar
  • mugs and serviettes

Catch you there….


  1. Delcie

    We have 3 people (maybe more) planning to come on Sunday from Mid Mountains Community Gardens. Looking forward to meeting other community gardeners.

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