People transforming Chippendale

SOME OF THE CREW of the Sustainable Streets-Sustainable Communities Demonstration Project in Chippendale stand on a vertical garden in construction.

The garden is a hessian-lined wooden freight pallet into which seedlings

are planted through holes made in the hessian.

Micheal Mobbs, a sustainability coach and Chippendale resident, is active in the street verge and community composting activities that are part of the project. Phil is from the City of Sydney’s Pine Street Creative Art Centre which is cooperating in the project. Sarah van Erp, the City’s waste project officer, and  Russ Grayson (behind the camera, the City’s community gardens and community food systems officer) assist with the Sustainable Streets project in community composting and street verge community gardening.


(from left) Michael Mobbs, Phil, Sarah van Erp

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