Sustainable Cities Awards for 2012—new category Sustainable Gardens

Entries OPEN 28 March 2012

All submissions are due by Friday 25 May 2012

Motivating, advocating, supporting and celebrating  for a greener, sustainable environment…


What is Sustainable Cities Awards
and who benefits?

Keep Australia Beautiful NSW Sustainable Cities is a leading community and environmental awards program for metropolitan communities in NSW. Projects not only enhance the environment, but improve the standard of living and quality of life for urban communities. Greater than any other metropolitan based environmental program, Sustainable Cities inspires communities to make a genuine and lasting contribution to their area, working in partnership with local government and local businesses. Sustainable Cities incorporates two levels of awards; the overall sustainable award and individual category awards. These

two levels recognise both individual and/or holistic projects and programs.

eep Australia Beautiful NSW Sustainable Cities Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding environmental initiatives implemented by local government authorities, schools, businesses and community groups whilst raising public awareness of a range of environmental issues affecting metropolitan NSW. The Awards inspire communities to make a lasting and genuine contribution to their area, working in partnership with other local organisations.

Entering Sustainable Cities is a great opportunity to have your hard work recognised and celebrated, and a terrific way for communities to foster a strong spirit and show pride in their local environment.

What’s New in 2012—Sustainable Gardens

Keep Australia Beautiful NSW recognises the emergence and growing popularity of community and communal gardens throughout metropolitian Sydney. This year we introduce a new category for the Sustainable City Awards—the Sustainable Garden Award. This Award will recognise good planning, partnerships, promotion, evaluation and innovation in development and running of community or communal gardens.

So, if you have a new or not so new community garden project you would like to highlight, enter it into this new category.


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