Soiled and Seeded: new edition for your reading

The northern Summer Edition of the SOILED AND SEEDED MAGAZINE is now available online.

From the editor: In keeping with the high-yield season, our summer edition turns productively towards a diverse collection of essays, portraits and stories of plants and people. In this issue, we step out of the garden and linger along its edges, only to realize the abundance of treasures lying before us. As Ashley Glenn writes in her piece, Gardens of Diversity: Preserving Traditions, Knowledge and Nature “…gardens have potential far beyond the plants in the ground. They are ancient classrooms, innovative laboratories, nutritious food pantries and welcoming community centres.”

An idea worth cultivating.

Contents  Issue 4 – The Summer Edition

Gardens of Diversity: Preserving Traditions, Knowledge and Nature
by Ashley Glenn

A Visit to the Prinzessinnengärten: Berlin’s Mobile Community Garden
by Fiona Mizani

Yucca filamentosa: Opportunistic Summer Feeding
by Marie Viljoen

Portrait of a Gardener: A Garden Not by Design
by Lauren Graham

A Day Exploring the Origins of Agriculture in Iraqi Kurdistan
by Emma Piper-Burket

Views From the Window: The Private

Gardens of Kyoto
by Andrew Boyd

Weedrobes: The Mobile Garden Dress
by Nicole Dextras

Branching Out: Ash today, gone tomorrow?
by Melissa Williams.

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