Shara Community Gardens beginnings

The students of Mullumbimby High and Shearwater Steiner got together for the last month of school and completed a 12 day intensive Certificate 2

Permaculture Course which culminated in a PermaBlitz which kick-started the new Ocean Shores Shara Community Gardens, here’s a small peek at what they achieved.

Mullumbimby / Shearwater High School / PermaBlitz / Shara Community Gardens / The Permaculture Challenge from Jasmine Whyte on Vimeo.


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  2. Maria Pickles

    thank you for recording this momentous event, this is so inspiring and the use of permaculture makes so much sense. We are just starting a small permaculture garden in a place with very poor soil for exotic veges and little water, so it is good to see the results of no dig gardens which we will be definitely using.

    Maria Pickles
    North Arm Cove

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