Underused Redfern park to become community garden

AN UNDERUSED PARK in Redfern will become the first community garden developed by local residents with the support of the City of Sydney’s Local Action Plan Matching Grants Program.

On Monday night Council’s Environment and Heritage Committee unanimously approved development of the garden in James Street
Reserve, Redfern.

Annie Walker, City of Sydney Community Gardens & Volunteer Coordinator.

Annie Walker, City of Sydney Community Gardens & Volunteer Coordinator.

A group of local residents and businesses initiated the proposal to create a dynamic community space, and have received a Matching Grant of $8,000 towards the project. Matching Grants aim to encourage community initiative, innovation and creativity. The James Street Community Garden Group will match the City’s grant with equivalent in-kind and cash contributions.The project will provide the local community with opportunities to develop skills in organic gardening and sustainable living through workshops and active involvement in the garden.

City staff have worked closely with the Group to plan and design the garden, which will include raised garden beds for communal use, fruit trees and compost bins. The Group hopes establishing the garden in the Reserve will encourage community connections and discourage dumping and anti-social behaviour.

Our Community Gardens Policy provides a framework for establishing and managing community gardens as opportunities for growing food, learning and sharing information about sustainable living practices and building communities.

Local groups interested in getting a community garden going should contact Annie Walker, our Community Garden and Volunteer Coordinator. You may also be able to obtain support through the City’s Local Action Plan Matching Grants Program.

More on City of Sydney community gardens.


  1. Jeannette de Haas

    Hello to all community gardeners and Annie Walker
    i am travelling from Perth to brisbane and return visiting community gardens on the way and learning how they were et up and managed. . i would love to visit the Redfern CG and interview Annie Walker. (as well as the many others i visit). My initial dates in Sydney are 6-9 August. Any chance we can meet up?
    with thanks and looking forward to meeting fellow CGs.
    with thanks

  2. Annie

    Hi Jeanette,

    Sounds like you have a good trip planned. The Redfern Garden hasn’t been built yet so you might want to look at http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/communitygardens which has a list of community gardens in central Sydney; let me know which ones you are interested in and I can let you know their opening times and contact details.



  3. Jeremy


    Thanks for this great article about our garden. Our garden and our blog is coming along nicely and I’ll soon be doing a post and link back to this post. Check it out here:


    Blog admin

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