Randwick Community Organic Garden Policy

POLICY – Randwick Community Organic Garden



  • promote a harmonious mix of the diverse approaches to sustainable gardening
  • encourage the spirit of cooperation, consultation, community pride and achievement
  • making productive use of waste land
  • to acquire, share and increase knowledge and practice of organic gardening
  • cooperate with nature to establish and maintain an ecologically balanced and sustainable method of growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and trees
  • to act locally and think globally.


  1. New projects and initiatives are welcome and are discussed at meetings
  2. No plot shall exceed a specified maximum size
  3. Unused plots may be worked by a current member, without charge, until it is required by a new member
  4. The community encourages members to contribute any skills you may wish to share, and the formation of interst groups eg. composting, resource gathering, seed raising, newsletter, lobbying, site planning.


  1. Membership is open to all
  2. There are three types of membership subscription:
    • Active membership – The member pays for a plot and is expected to operate and maintain it. it is also expected that the member will assist in the overall maintainence of the garden.
    • Auxillary membership – The member contributes skills and takes on responsibilities which assist in the running of the Garden and/or is of benefit to the Group.
    • Non Active Membership – The member supports the community garden solely by paying a subscription fee.
  3. Active membership does not exclude a person from being an auxillary member
  4. All members are required to pay a half yearly fee of $5.00 and each active member pays an additional $20 half yearly fee for his or her plot.


  1. There will be an Annual General Meeting held in May each year when:
    1. the following office bearers will be elected – Co-ordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Chairperson, Site Committee (minimum of two)
    2. Fees will be set and collected.
  2. A quorum shall be one third of the mebership.
  3. Executive Meetings will be held monthly
  4. A Special Meeting will be held each November to discuss matters pertaining to maintanence, membership and fees.

Office bearers

  1. The Co-ordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Chairperson and Site Committee will form the Executive to manage the administrative affairs of the group.
  2. The Site Committee will be made up of members responsible for overseeing the various aspects of garden maintenance.


  1. Disputes will be resolved at a special meeeting called on request.
  2. A quorum of one third of membership with a two thirds majority vote will be required to resolve a dispute.


  1. If it is not possible for an active member to maintain their plot for three months, their qualification for the use of that plto will be reviewed, with the possibility of their plot being forteited.
  2. If a member goes against the spitit of this policym their membership will be reviewed.


  1. The treasurer will reimburse a member for money spent on items required by the whole group upon the presentation of a receipt and only up to the value of $10.00.
  2. Any item above $10.00 in value must first be authorised by the site Committee before its purchase.

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