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UTas Inveresk Community Garden

UTas Inveresk Community Garden


Product Description

The flagship University of Tasmania community garden project is the vast community garden situated at the entrance to the brand-new campus at Inveresk in Launceston.

With more than 30 large raised beds, the garden could almost be considered an urban farm. Once fully operational, it will produce tonnes of fruit and vegetables annually, nearly all of which will be consumed within 500m of where it was produced, thus greatly reducing the ‘food miles’ required to feed the students living in nearby residential colleges.

An in-vessel composting machine receives up to 75kg of food scraps, garden waste and office waste per day, averting methane-emitting materials from landfill and turning them into rich organic compost for use in the garden.

Jeff McClintock is the University’s Community Garden Coordinator who will be overseeing the maintenance and activation of this flourishing space.