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David Stephen Neighbourhood Garden

David Stephen Neighbourhood Garden


Product Description

The David Stephen Neighbourhood Garden (formerly Kickstart CG) has been developed for local residents to come together and grow food, learn about composting, connect with new friends and harvest fresh produce for their families. This is the 5th community garden to be developed by David Stephen, one of the founders of Tasmania’s organic gardening movement.

Our philosophy is simple. We want to attract the diverse spectrum of the community in which we’re based. Multicultural, disadvantaged, young families and couples wanting to grow their knowledge of food gardening, and the benefits that come from their own fresh produce.

Membership is open to everyone in the community, regardless of their gardening experience you can learn as you go. We encourage collective use (groups), and sharing of produce to support sustainable use.

Location: 12 St Johns Ave, behind New Town oval.

David Stephen talks about rapid composting at the garden…