Faith brings social enterprise to Northey Street Farmers’ Market

DO YOU LOVE the Northey Street City Farm Farmers’ Markets? Well, the markets are about to expand to support a range of social enterprises.

The Village Life Project centres around a colourful and vibrant cultural precinct that will provide a space for artisans, crafts-people, healers, visual and performing artists and other creative folk to sell their wares and spruik their services.

Village Life will be opening with a bang on Sunday 25 July from 9am. There will be music, roaming performers, food and more. Come along and join the party! Visit Northey Street City Farm’s website to learn more.


Still stalls available

If you have a special skill or hand-made product you’d like to showcase at the market place there are still several stalls available and they’re free for the first three months. To find out more email socialenterprise[at]

This pilot project will also be looking at ways in which other community gardens can support social enterprise.

See you there 🙂

Faith Thomas

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