Northey Street — call out…

…for stall holders for NEW Upcycle Market

Story reposted from Northey Street City Farm, August 2016

[pull_quote align=”right”]Spots for marquees and suitcases are available. Lets close the resource circle![/pull_quote]Call out! We are seeking low impact makers, crafters, artists, herbalists and clothing designers committed to using ecologically friendly practices and re-purposed items and materials.

We are seeking tinkerers and repairers who can turn disused tools  functional again. And we are seeking individuals who may have un-used clothing, books, artworks and everyday living items they wish to pass on.


Market begins October 2016 and will occur monthly at The Northey Street City Farm.


[button_link url=”” target=”blank” style=”white” title=”” class=”” id=”” onclick=””]Apply to Northey St City Farm online here…[/button_link]


[button_link url=”” target=”blank” style=”white” title=”” class=”” id=”” onclick=””]Keep up with Northey Street City Farm on their Upcycle Project Facebook page…[/button_link]




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