NEWS from Port Phillip Urban Fresh Food Network

NEWS for the Port Phillip Urban fresh foods Network

Drop in for simply living

The Simply Living Community Garden in Bridge Street is open every Wednesday from 1.30 to 4.00pm for you to get involved in gardening at whatever pace you like.

Garden co-ordinator Janet

will be exploring a different topic each week, eg onion growing, herbs, tool maintenace.

Even if you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty,  feel free to drop in, drop off..(your compost scraps), have a chat and enjoy some afternoon tea. Enquiries


Walls of earthbags

Never ones to shy away from a new idea, the South Melbourne Commons crew have begun building unique, earth bag retaining walls for some of the site’s food gardens.  Here’s proof  that you can use the dirt from beneath your feet to create simple but beautiful structures in a manner that’s easy to learn, seriously environmentally friendly and dirt cheap. Having learnt the basics from Guiding Star Creations, the Commons will continue to explore earthbagging techniques.

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