New garden in West Pymble

Hi Russ,

We have a new community garden that ought to go in your directory. Here are the details:

Location: Philip Lane, West Pymble, at the back of the Philip Mall Shopping Centre.

Description: A small cialis 20 mg community garden built by Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens show in July 2011, now managed by local residents. Mostly raised beds containing herbs, vegetables and citrus trees, all wheelchair-accessible, with composting and rain harvesting. Open all the time – everyone is invited to harvest appropriately. Workdays on Saturdays at 10am are open to all, also weekly kids’ gardening workshops in term time after school.

Contact: Peter Clarke  clarkep[at]

I am the group coordinator so please contact me with any queries you might have.

Regards, Jennifer Edyejones


  1. Stefan Carey

    Looks like the children are enjoying your small but lovely site.

    Thanks for posting,


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