New food swap in northern Sydney

I wonder if you can help publicise a new community gardening group that I have started up. I had read about Urban Orchard where locals get together once a month to swap their excess homegrown produce and wondered whether there were any near me in northern Sydney. Surprisingly, research proved that there wasn’t. So I have started my own.

Our first meeting/swap will be on Sunday 19 September from 2.30pm to 3.30pm at Plantasia Garden Centre at West Lindfield shops. I have a basic website with all the information and maps, as well as a

contact email address.

Urban Orchard project in Victoria have very kindly sent me a lengthy “how to” based on their experiences. I’ve had a great response from people that I have spoken to about it.

I hope this might be of interest to your readers.

Please do let me know if I can provide any further information.


Michelle Coventry
Homegrown Exchange


  1. Drew Scobie

    Hello I work for an organisation called Harvest Brighton and Hove based in the UK. We have scheduled a local food picnic on 25th September with many stalls and local food vendors and one of the stalls we are running is a food swap stall. I was wondering if you had any advice for running a stall like this. What is the correct format to use. Ie. do we use tickets and how do you gauge how much food is worth against other types of food or is it all about bartering and negotiating?

    Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated by us Limey Brits don’t you know.

    Kind regards


  2. Andrew Yip

    Hi Drew,
    Came across your question while doing a search for Foodswap while i was in Sydney last week. Anyway, a while back i made a little video explaining how Foodswap model works here in Adelaide in a local park.


    After making this video we started our own local FoodSwap in a park around the corner from us. We primarily use Facebook as a means of communication outside the Foodswap time.

    and this has lead me to establish a National Food Swap. not much enthusiasm yet, but it might pick up.

    hope all this helpful. I suspect urban foodswaps all over the world would feel the same…


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