MulchNet—mulch drop-off locations needed in Sydney CBD, north and south

A message from MulchNet’s Tim Lawrence…

MulchNet connects tree contractors producing bark chip mulch with gardeners and others needing it.

Hi All,
Just to let you know local Tree Contractors urgently need drop points
northern & southern areas of Sydney and CBD, if you can help pass word
of our service to your networks it will be appreciated.

This is a highly efficient, self funded recycling initiative involving
local businesses and local clients.

My I suggest any Tree Contractors doing council tree contracts should be
encouraged to sign up to our service thus ensuring a closed loop of
local tree mulch delivered to local ratepayers wherever possible.

Warmest regards

Tim Lawrence
Mobile: 0431 870 736
Email: tim[at]
Established: 2001

* FREE TO JOIN – takes two minutes!!
* SEARCH ENGINE – for Emergency LOCAL drop points, easy to use.
* Mulch Sales
* Tree Quotes
* Meet new clients
* Save expensive down time
* At $300 per hour, if our system saves only 1 hour per

week = $12,000
* Our Business Model will make you money
* Our highly flexible & efficient system gives you control.

Joining our Contractor data base is free, takes just a few minutes.
You have to be registered to use the search engine.



  1. Fiona

    Do you have any free mulch and is it free delivery

  2. Noel

    Hi I live on acreage in the north west of Sydney and an require truckload deliveries of mulch. How do I join. The site seems as if its geared up for contractors only.

  3. aust_com_gardens

    Hi Noel

    The story above was provided by MulchNet. You would need to contact them direct to find an answer to your question.


    ACFCGN website volunteer support

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