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    @mullumseed @mullumseed Hi Joel, @invcomgar Inverell Community Gardens have just joined ACFCGN, you might like to make contact. Cheers ...Fiona ACFCGN volunteer website support

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    Hey everyone. This is going to sound like a silly question but I am going to ask away anyway!! Tyre's for growing potatoes. Now I know over the years there has been much said about this because of the toxins found in tyre's. However I came across a site that sells tyre-mulch in Australia and this is what they say about toxins. It is a long read but would love to know everyone's thoughts about using tyre's for a potato bed!! Is Enduro Rubber Mulch Toxic? No. A carrier solvent more efficient than water would be needed to extract toxic chemicals from tyre shreds in quantity; and a suitable non-polar vehicle would be required to penetrate protective skin layers for significant absorption. This was deemed implausible in a playground situation. Toxicity rubber mulch is considered non toxic. Based on toxicity characteristic leaching procedure conducted on recycled tyre shreds, the following trace metal elements were determined to be significantly lower than regulatory threshold limits: arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, selenium, and silver. Source: criteria of selecting toxicity characteristic leaching procedure and synthetic precipitation leaching procedure tests to characterise special wastes. (Dr Chinshin Sheigh, Florida institute of technology) oral ingestion is deemed to be low in over all hazard because ingestion of tyre shreds on the ground is not likely, and the gastrointestinal tract is unlikely to be efficient in extracting toxic chemicals from the tyre shred. Tyre shred does not contain chemicals with high vapour pressures, thus, exposure via inhalation is deemed inconsequential and resulting hazard negligible. Dermal exposure is deemed to be unlikely and therefore to present low overall hazard. Leaching a number of studies have been done to determine the potential for leaching from recycled tyre shreds. Increased levels of zinc and iron were found in soil tilled with raw rubber shred particles (5ml and less) when tested annually for 4 years. The amounts detected were below levels of concern and posed no hazards to water quality. No toxicity to turf grass or athletic fields were detected. Zinc that had leached from tyre shreds was determined not to pose any potential harm to the environment. What if rubber mulch is swallowed in 1994 Maryland environmental services (MES) put this question to a series of tests. A 2cm piece of mulch was added to hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) and appeared to indicate only fibrous reinforcing strands were dissolved. The rubber did not appear to be affected in any way. What does this mean? If a piece of rubber is swallowed, it should not cause any acute or chronic problems. Short term issues, such as an upset stomach will be a function of the amount of rubber swallowed. As to the fate of the rubber swallowed, they are eventually evacuated from the body, just like any other non-digestive material.

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    Hi Everyone. I just had a thought that rather than all sitting together at the Tamil Feast should we split up and spread out around the room to mix with others who maybe there for the first time. Help us get to know our members. This is how Lions Clubs mix, even husbands and wives don't always sit together at dinners.

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    Hi guys, This is the media release I was sent for the yp/wp great garden comp. Can we please have a look and see if we are happy for this. Not sure if you need anything changed Russ? Thanks

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    I read this on 'The Conversation' website today: So what is the role of planning? While we cannot blame planners for causing all these issues, they do have the ability to intervene and thus a role to play in improving urban life. Design guidelines, for example, can help by ensuring people have more accidental social encounters in spaces like cafes, at mailboxes or in gardens. So too can more strategic interventions such as community gardens – places where people grow not only food, but also friendships. More green space can also potentially buffer noise, heat and light, and provide respite from crowds.' ( As our inner cities become more crammed with people living in apartments with no gardens the demand for community gardens is going to soar, no doubt about it.

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