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Kath has tried to grow food wherever she lives. Rental properties in various coastal sand plain suburbs of Perth, red iron-rich clay in Meekatharra and alluvial sand on Moora’s Moore river flats provided a range of practice runs before finally having a place to stop and have confidence she’d get to pick fruit from the trees she planted.
Kath discovered Permaculture in 2013, and joined the group working to establish the first community garden in the city of Joondalup. Duncraig Edible Garden is sited in the forecourt of Duncraig Public library. A 10m concrete circle had limestone wicking beds constructed by the council making a total of 18m2 for growing a community garden. And additional 30m2 was allowed for planting fruit trees on a slope and as a wind break. An educative focus was the logical way forward. During the 2 year pilot period DEG held workshops aimed
* To educate residents of City of Joondalup: increase environmental awareness and promote environmentally positive behaviours. (The workshop topics focus on community gardening, water wise gardening, recycling, waste education, waste minimization, composting and sustainability. Informed and up-skilled, workshop attendees apply the knowledge and practical skills creating a ripple effect of shared knowledge within the community.
* To model sustainable behaviours and to help residents learn how to conserve water, minimize waste, and engage in more environmentally friendly practices in their own homes and gardens.

* The effects of these changes are not only seen and felt in the physical environment, they aim to encourage and build community interactions which can help to widen and deepen a sense of belonging and shared responsibility.
DEG aims to grow community around the shared activity in the garden.

Visitors to the library often stop to take a taste of the open garden, many elderly residents gathering a few sprigs of parsley on the weekly outing to the library. Children have been overheard talking to their parents: “I know which one is Basil and which is Oregano”,  “I want to see if there is a strawberry”, or “Is there a jelly bean on the bush?” (the blue berry bush!)

The Librarians are very supportive of DEG, fielding questions when Gardeners are not in attendance. The sense of the garden belonging to the community is excellent and fosters an increased community spirit with a share the harvest table each DEG day (Alternate Saturday mornings).

Duncraig Edible Garden

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