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    Hi Everyone. I just had a thought that rather than all sitting together at the Tamil Feast should we split up and spread out around the room to mix with others who maybe there for the first time. Help us get to know our members. This is how Lions Clubs mix, even husbands and wives don't always sit together at dinners.

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    I read this on 'The Conversation' website today: So what is the role of planning? While we cannot blame planners for causing all these issues, they do have the ability to intervene and thus a role to play in improving urban life. Design guidelines, for example, can help by ensuring people have more accidental social encounters in spaces like cafes, at mailboxes or in gardens. So too can more strategic interventions such as community gardens – places where people grow not only food, but also friendships. More green space can also potentially buffer noise, heat and light, and provide respite from crowds.' ( As our inner cities become more crammed with people living in apartments with no gardens the demand for community gardens is going to soar, no doubt about it.

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