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Compost-Making Forum for Community & School Food Gardens

12 St Johns Ave New Town TAS 7008
  • Event date:
    02/07/2023 at 11:30 am

This is an information sharing workshop for gardeners everywhere, who are searching for techniques to quickly convert manures, crop residues and weeds into soil improvers.

Join the conversation on the following topics:

  • FAST COMPOSTING ideas: what to do about accumulating spent crops and weeds, especially during an autumn clean up.
  • Making leaf mould: new methods can speed up timelines to delivery.
  • Bio-char discussion: is it worth the effort?
  • Grass hay (hands on) bailing, including weeds.
  • Vermi composting: A new idea to stop worms escaping.
  • Are Manures still necessary?
  • The downside to using the layering methods.
  • Is mature compost the ultimate probiotic?

At the DS Neighbourhood Garden we are able to produce a cubic metre of mature compost every 4-5 weeks. Our compost enclosures (old water tanks) have revolutionised the system. Come and see!


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