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Purpose of the group
“To make use of public land by providing access to all resident so they can experience the joys and health benefits of gardening, following organic and sustainable principles.”

•   Design a community garden to take best advantage of the characteristics of the site.
•   Construct a community garden to provide individual allotments and also shared garden areas such as an orchard and indigenous         plantings
•   To manage the garden in an environmentally and socially responsible manner using organic gardening methods
•   Membership is open to all residents of Moonee Valley
•   AHCG is an Incorporated Association and is run by a committee of management

History of the Group

The not for profit community group was started March 2010 and has grown to over 50 members

  • In early March over 1000 flyers advertising the first meeting were distributed to residents, local schools and businesses. An article was published in a local newspaper.
  • Inaugural meeting was held 18th March 2010
  • Incorporation date 23rd April 2010
  • Submission to council   ​
  • Council Approved the community garden on the 16th November 2010
  • City West Water provided a grant for water tanks and irrigation
  • Fundraising Bunnings Highpoint BBQs
  • MVCC grant – Food swap shelter
  • Mains water connected
  • Community garden presence at the local festivals at Moonee Valley and Mediterranean Fiesta East Keilor
  • Community Festival Activities
  • Promotional seeds saved by garden members
  • ​Seed bomb activity
  • Kokodama
  • Insect bug hotels
  • Herb sleep and dream pillows
  • Community presence at the Rose Creek Winery events
  • Sustainability grant  – Frog bog
  • My Smart Garden – the garden hosted an irrigation workshop
  • Responsive grant – irrigation
  • Bendigo Bank and MVCC grants – Accessible Toilet
  • December 2017 hosted a Smart Garden Weeds & Pests in your garden and how to control them workshop
  • Open Day, March 2018
  • Compost Workshops, March 2018
  • Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop with Craig Castree, August 2018



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