Last chance to join the 2018 Survey

Make sure your garden is counted in this year’s annual community garden survey.

The deadline was Monday 8 October.

ACFCGN invites gardens to take the online community garden survey so that we can provide good information about the trends and status of gardens right around the country.

A major goal of the ACFCGN is to “tell the story” of community gardens and city farms. The survey provides the data that backs up the facts.

The ACFCGN Data Convenor, John Brisbin, notes that: “This survey is a really valuable tool. We are able to take it to government and to funders and show them the on-ground facts. There is no similar survey in the country.”

The survey takes about 15mins to complete. Every garden is invited to take the survey each year in order to show how gardens change and evolve over time. Questions are arranged in an easy-to-access format. John encourages every garden to have a go. He claims: “Anyone clever enough to sprout a bean is clever enough to complete this survey!”

The survey is online

Complete the survey here


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