Junior gardeners are in for a yummy treat

Junior Masterchef winner launches Yates Junior Landcare Watermelon Challenge

Junior Masterchef winner, Isabella Bliss, and her twin sister Sofia, a top four finalist, are encouraging children across the country to get into the garden and harness their inner greenie by attempting to grow Australia’s heaviest watermelon.

Junior Landcarers, Isabella and Sofia Bliss.

As part of the Yates Junior Landcare Watermelon Challenge, a free packet of Yates Candy Red Watermelon seeds will be sent to everyone who registers on the challenge website by Sunday, September 25th. The challenge is open to all children aged 16 years and under and living in Australia, and includes a category for schools and youth groups, and one for individuals and families. The free seeds will be sent out in October and can be planted anytime from October through to December. Yates Candy Red Watermelon seeds are regarded as one of the fastest growing and largest watermelon varieties.

Kids can grow their watermelons at home or at school and will need to care for their plants during the hot summer weather. Once their watermelon has reached maturity, they will have to log onto the Yates Junior Landcare Watermelon Challenge website to upload the weight of their melon and their favourite watermelon photograph.

There will also be

a creative photo category as part of the challenge, so everyone can be in with a chance of winning a prize.

“The Yates Junior Landcare Watermelon Challenge is such a fun activity for kids to get involved in, either at home or at school”, said Isabella.

“Getting out into the garden and growing your own food is one of my favourite things, and you can make some really tasty treats from watermelons,” she added. “I know Sofia and I can’t wait until we get our seeds and start getting our hands dirty!”

In 2010 the Yates Junior Landcare Sunflower Challenge was incredibly successful with over 66,000 children around Australia taking part in a competition to grow the tallest sunflower and the sunflower with the widest head. 8 year old

Lachlan Hillas from Wodonga, Victoria won the tallest sunflower prize in the individual and family category with his 270cm giant. The widest sunflower head was grown by Sam McVilly, aged 6, of Wy Yung, Victoria, and his sister Tess, aged 10, with a very impressive head width of 46cm.

Register for your free seeds and participate in the Yates Junior Landcare Watermelon Challenge. Simply go to www.juniorlandcarechallenge.com.au from Monday, July 4th. Registrations close on Sunday, September 25th, and the winners will be announced on March 5th 2012.

For more information please contact: Stephanie Wulf, Public Relations Coordinator, Landcare Australia.

Email: stephanie.wulf@landcareaustralia.com.au or Tel: 03 8631 7800

Judy Horton, Communications Manager, Yates. Email: judy.horton@yates.com.au or Tel: 02 9794 9481/ 0419 604 701



About Junior Landcare

Junior Landcare encourages young people to play an active role in ensuring the safe future of their environment.

Junior Landcare recognises that the contribution of young people is vital if the land they are to inherit is to be in the best possible condition. Junior Landcare encourages young people to develop a sense of responsibility to their local environment and Australia’s natural landscape.

Junior Landcare activities can be successfully integrated into a range of topics within the school curriculum or be part of scouts or similar youth group activities.

Junior Landcare programs organised by schools and youth groups provide a great framework for learning in outdoor ‘living classrooms’. Junior Landcare enables kids of all ages to become involved with their local landcare group and other people from their community to work on a range of local environmental projects.


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