Local people creatively repurpose poorly used land

LOCAL REDFERN PEOPLE have created a flourishing garden where only poor quality lawn existed before. In doing so, they have reclaimed for community use part of a pocket park where people seldom lingered.

The James Street Reserve Community Garden is an example of the creative reuse of poorly used inner urban land. Built and maintained by people living nearby and provided with support by the City of Sydney through their community gardens and Landcare coordinator, the garden operates as a self-managing community enterprise.

Here you find raised, galvanised iron planters supporting an ever-changing array of vegetables and herbs, and a few young citrus and other fruit trees along the edge.

The garden has been going since October 2010 and it is amazing what the gardeners have achieved. From bland grass to a biodiverse garden where food and a sense of place and cooperation is cultivated, the community garden is an example of new recreational and food security opportunities in out densely-packed inner urban areas.

The garden is managed as a shared garden rather than allocating plots to individuals. This is a strategy found in a number of small, inner urban gardens that increases participation and creates gardening opportunity and community engagement for a greater number of people.

The garden, in accordance with the City of Sydney Community Garden Policy, is self-managing.

Why not view the  photo album of James street reserve Community Garden.

James Street reserve is one of 15 community gardens in the City of Sydney local government area (more: http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/Residents/ParksAndLeisure/CommunityGardens/Default.asp).

The community garden has transformed a boring and underutilised part of a pocket park into a

biodiverse food garden.


  1. Jane Mowbray

    Wow! Another community garden that I haven’t seen. Used to be that you could visit most Sydney gardens in a day. Ha! Now you’d need a solid week or … hopefully two. More people cooperating to increase biodiversity, healthy exercise and good local food. Yay!!

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