NEW BOOK: The Story of Organic Growing in Australia

CSIRO PUBLISHING is delighted to announce the publication of Green Harvest: a history of organic farming and gardening in Australia ($49.95, paperback, 208 pp, colour and b/w illustrations).

Many believe that organic farming and gardening began as part of an alternative lifestyle in the 1970s.  In fact organic growing in Australia has a fertile and healthy history spanning over eighty years. Green Harvest is the first history of Australian organic farming and gardening. It tells the story of the founding of the first Australian organic societies in the 1940s, which were amongst the first in the world. It explores the ideas and practices that have shaped organic farming and gardening in Australia from the early twentieth century to the present day.

The author, Rebecca Jones, herself a keen organic grower, is also a historian and researcher of environmental history and lectures at Monash

University Department of Rural and Indigenous Health.

Rebecca traces the history of Australian organic growing through four themes – soil, chemical free, ecological wellbeing and back to the land – each illustrated with a case study.  Personalities in Australian organic gardening, such as Jackie French and Peter Bennett, talk about their own experiences of organic growing. The book also features illustrations from early organic magazines, historical accounts of organic growing and interviews with current organic growers such as banana and macadamia farmers, managers of outback sheep properties, dairy farmers and self sufficiency gardeners. This is a history ‘from the ground up’ – the beliefs and practices of organic growers themselves across eight decades.

Green Harvest  explores what it means to farm and garden organically and how this has changed over time.  It identifies the key ideas which have defined organic growing from the early twentieth century, and traces these ideas through to the present day.

Green Harvest: A History of Organic Farming and Gardening in Australia

Author: Rebecca Jones

CSIRO PUBLISHING    Price: AU$49.95   Paperback   208 pages   ISBN: 9780643098374

Available from bookstores, order online: or local call 1300 788 000

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