MELBOURNE: Exhibition— German allotment gardens

Introduction by Vasili Kanidiadis (straight from Vasili’s Garden). The exhibition will continued from 18 May – 30 September 2010.

WHEN TRAVELING THROUGH GERMANY by train, they can be seen everywhere in the vicinity of large cities: schrebergarten_exhibition‘Schrebergärten’, groups of small fenced allotment gardens, all in perfect alignment to each other. These small recreational islands were intended to provide better nutrition, contact with nature and fresh air — a real benefit for the people, especially the city children of the industrial era.

Presently, there are more than one million small gardens in Germany, located mainly in its cities. Altogether, they cover an area of more than 46,000 hectares. (Zusammengenommen haben diese eine Fläche von mehr als 46.000 Hektar).

The first allotment gardens in Germany to be known as ‘Schrebergärten’ originated in Leipzig, the first Schrebergarten association was founded there in 1864. It therefore seemed only natural to team up with the University of Leipzig’s Institut für Kunstpädagogik to produce this exhibition for Australia, augmented by floor talks, guided tours and classroom material for students, as well as a fantastic website.

Tel 03 9864 8999


  1. Jeannette de Haas

    please provide more details on venue address and times of opening. with thanks

  2. media Post author

    I think the Institute is on St Kilda Road in Melbourne.

    I have placed only the information the Institute sent me. You can learn more directly from them: 039864 8988

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