SYDNEY: The Food Waste Challenge – reducing our throw aways

THE FOOD WASTE CHALLENGE is a free community program for people who live in the City of Sydney Food-wastelocal government area (LGA).

To help households waste less food and save money and our environment, we are looking for 100 people from the City of Sydney LGA to register for the Challenge.

The Food Waste Challenge focuses on:

  • broadening awareness of the economic and environmental impacts of food waste in NSW
  • encouraging household behaviour change by providing simple steps, tips and changes participants can make to improve food planning, preparation and storage so as to avoid food waste
  • reducing the amount of ‘good’ food – food that is edible… peelings, apple cores etc… being sent to landfill.

There are four workshops in the Challenge:
3 June:  6 – 8 pm. Workshop 1: Introduction and Leftovers

1 July: 6 – 8 pm. Workshop 2: Shopping, portion sizes and meal planning

26 July: 6 – 8 pm. Workshop 3: Food storage and preparation

6 September: 6 – 8 pm. Workshop 4: Where does our food come from?

Venue for all Food Waste Challenge workshops: Surry Hills Community Centre and Library, Surry Hills.

An initiative of the Nature Conservation Council NSW and City of Sydney.

Information and registrations:   02 9279 2466.

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