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Issued: 16 April 2010

RANDWICK RESIDENTS have a new option when it comes to choosing tasty, locally grown food, now that Randwick City Council is to lend support to the new Food Connect Sydney initiative in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

“This is a win-win for our residents, local farming communities that provide the food for our tables and the environment”, said Randwick Mayor, Cr John Procipiadis.

“It’s a win for our residents as they get access to fresh, organic and chemical free fruit and vegetables, a win for farmers as they gain access to new markets which support their local produce and it’s a win for the environment with a reduction in food miles and support for chemical free farming practices”, he said..

Food Connect Sydney, like its Brisbane and Adelaide counterparts, adopts the model of Community Supported Agriculture, an increasingly popular type of community food system that links regional growers directly with city people demanding fresh, organic and chemically-free fruit and vegetables.

Brock and Fiona with a Food Connect box at the Randwick City Cousin collection venue.

Brock and Fiona with a Food Connect box at the Randwick City Cousin collection venue.

“Food Connect Brisbane took out the Queensland Sustainable Industries Award and the People’s Choice Award in the food and agriculture section of the prestigious Banksia Environmental Awards last year”, said Food Connect Sydney’s Julian Lee, one of the founders.

”We are now delivering fresh, chemical-free and mostly organic produce direct from regional farmers to Randwick residents.

“Local householders subscribe to Food Connect, selecting from small, medium or large boxes of seasonally available produce on a weekly or fortnightly basis and picking them up from the distribution point being trialled at the Randwick Community Centre.

Julian Lee, a biodynamic market gardener, praised Randwick City Council and its community for becoming early supporters of the fresh food distribution service.

“Food Connect links farmers and farming communities, our ‘country cousins’ who grow the food, directly with our ‘city cousins’, the people who eat the food.

“The early interest of Randwick residents shows there are people keen to know where their food comes from, how it’s grown and to support the efforts of farmers going out of their way to grow clean, fresh food.

“Our vision is to make locally produced organic and chemical-free food accessible to anybody in Sydney”, Mr Lee said.

The price of Food Connect’s fresh. local food boxes range from $35 to $70 depending on size. There are plans to include additional items such as fresh eggs and bread.

Subscriptions cover a minimum period of one month’s worth of deliveries, with the opportunity to suspend or vary orders depending on the requirements of the household.


More information, interviews:
Julian Lee, Food Connect Sydney Enterprise Coordinator: 0403 013 366

email Julian

ity Cousin collection venye at Randwick Community Centre.Stacking the weekly food boxes at the Randwick City Cousin collection venue.

Stacking the weekly food boxes at the Randwick City Cousin collection venue.

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