BRISBANE: Food Connect Foundation & La Via Campesina presents: Invitation to explore and plot farmings future

La Via Campesina (LVC) is visiting Australia and we have the 27th & 28th June to discover whats behind this phenomenal farmer organisation (500 million members worldwide)
Only 100 places available.

When: June 27th 2010
Where: Saint Ita’s School Hall, Dutton Park, Brisbane
Program: 9 – 9.30am, Mystica Stage Production,
9.30am – 12.45pm, 8 Stimulating Presentations
1.30 – 4pm, World Cafe
There will be farm tour the next day (28th June) to further the conversation with La Via Campesina Delegates (only 20 places)
Cost; $25 for both days

For the last sixty years or so Australian Farmers have been asked to do more with less and less.

“The cost-price squeeze experienced by Australian farmers over the last six decades has meant that Australian farmers today have to ‘produce more than four times the volume to earn, in real terms, only just over half of what they had done in 1951-52’ (Ted Henzell: Australian Agriculture: Its History and Its Challenges, CSIRO, 2007)

Today, the pressures from agri-business consolidation, environmental conditions, resource limitations, consumer demand, government regulation and the new threat from mining companies is beyond description.

In order to bring together in one room the knowledge and wisdom of the Australian farming community, the Food Connect Foundation (with the support of many groups and individuals in Brisbane) would like to invite Farmers to participate in a down to earth forum to forge strong pathways together. Join other on the ground dynamos to listen, explore, plot and design your own future.

A group of eight woman speakers from the heartland of Australian Agriculture will give us their perspective of where things are at, the challenges they are facing, the inspiring things they are doing and what their aspirations are. Added to this, we will also hear from La Via Campesina — a world family farmer representative organisation with over 500 million members — about what they are doing at the global & local level and their perspective of a way forward.

This is an opportune time to be with farming kin to discuss new pathways forward for our own farms and families and also our communities.

The Brisbane Food Connect Community have worked hard to organize this event at such short notice and they will ensure you will be looked after wonderfully. Billeting is available and the food served during the day will come from regional farms in the Brisbane area

Register here your expression of interest.

Robert Pekin
Food Connect Foundation


  1. Liam O'Dea

    I’ve only just learned of the Food connect Community, as I was searching for something about la via campesina, and any presence in Australia of LVC.

    Had I known earlier I would have gladly attended the 27th June event at Dutton Park. Apparently LVC does not have any Austraian members. I would be interested in any info you have about LVC in Australia, and also further info about FCF. I have been involved in agro/politics for a long time, but have become disappointed that farmer groups focus is more and more on corporate farming.

  2. Robert Pekin

    Hi Liam
    Great to hear from you and yes the lack of representation of small family farmers in Australia is very disappointing.

    Can you email me on and I will put you in touch with the LVC goings on

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