Directory of South Australian Community Gardens

The latest map of community

gardens around South Australia has just been completed by the Community and Kitchen Garden Project at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens with the support of the SA Community and School Garden Network.

The brochure includes the location, description and contact details of more than 40 of the community gardens flourishing around South Australia.

The directory of gardens can be located at:

You can also looks for SA gardens on the ACFCGN Directory.

If you know of any other community gardens that are not listed here, please contact Jo Staniforth at <> phone (08) 8222 9460. We’d love to be able to include it in the next update, which will happen in around 6 months time.


  1. Angela Brennan

    I am writing on spec. because I need some advice with respect to a family with a severely disabled adult son. He lives in a dependent-resident ‘cottage’ with a large backyard. For a LONG time (years) the family has been wanting some help developing the backyard. I have been able to give them gardening advice (I have DipHort and work as a gardener/writer, but due to my own commitments have not been able to assist them in a significant way. As of the end of last year (when I last had contact) they were hoping the yard could be used by students or willing helpers, on a voluntary basis, (quote from mother’s email: …I just think there is so much potential here for a mini community garden, or weed control trials …)
    My question is, would such a project be of interest to Community Gardens SA or do you know of any organisation or gardening body that might see potential in this. I love the work you do, and would love to be able to point the family in the direction of some positive help. Best wishes, Angela Brennan (ph: 0479034480)

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