Edible microgarden brightens city lane

Living around a minor lane in inner urban Darlinghurst have brightened up their otherwise ordinary lane with edible plantings..

Residents of Darlinghurst, a densely populated inner urban area abutting the CBD, are demonstrating how citizen initiative can make our big cities leaders in sustainablility and improve their neighbourhoods at the same time.

Local people, initially assisted by a small grant from the City of Sydney, have planter

their narrow lane verge to container gardens of espaliered fruit trees, vegetables and herbs, softening what was a hard surface inner city streetscape with vegetation and taking responsibility for their local environment.

The initiative is one of a number of street verge gardens in the City local government area. Others are in Surry Hills and, in Chippendale, the City assisted local people in Myrtle Street establish an array of ornamentals and edibles along their footpath verge.

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  1. bush goddess

    Being a visitor to Sydney and staying in Woollahra, I took an early Saturday morning walk. Of particular interest was how the use of plants [deliberate and volunteer] provides so many ‘services’.
    These include shade, contrast in textures, food, baffles for winds and breezes, aesthetics, habitats, climbing spots, flowers, security, fencing, structures and supports.
    One example which stood out – literally – was a large and gnarled bougenvillia. Oringinally planted at the street fence, over many years this plant is now reaching over the roof. Lovingly tied and supported to verandah posts, the spouting and now the chimney, this plant provides all the above.
    The softening effect mentioned in the story is something I think our minds actively seek as hard linear edges are an affront to our naturally circular and organic perspectives.
    Congratulations to the gardeners – without them there wouldn’t be a natural world….thank you

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