Community Gardens: Sustainability, Health and Inclusion in the City: papers online

Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network consultantand urban food systems researcher CLAIRE NETTLE, reports from Adelaide…

claire nettle, community garden consultant and community food systems researcher

Dear all,

The international academic journal, Local Environment volume 16, issue 6, has just released a special edition on community gardens, based on papers presented at the conference, Community Gardens: Sustainability, Health and Inclusion in the City, which was held in Canberra last year.

Papers include:
Community gardens: sustainability, health and inclusion in the city;B Turner, J Henryks

Developing “community” in community gardens; C Firth, D Maye

Bodily learning for a (climate) changing world: registering differences through performative and collective research; J Cameron, C Manhood

Co-constructing the sustainable city: how indicators help us “grow” more than just food in community gardens; R Beilin

A helping hand and many green thumbs: local government, citizens and the growth of a community-based food economy; A Hill

Embodied connections: sustainability, food systems and community gardens; B Turner

Food choices and local food access among Perth’s community gardeners;A Evers, N Hodgson

The site charges $US34/per article (!) however many public and university libraries will allow you to download and save them at no cost.<

The proceedings from the Canberra conference, which include earlier versions of these papers and a number of additional papers, are available for free download at

For other research publications on community gardens see



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