Community kitchens website remade and online

WE ARE PROUD to announce that the Australian Community Kitchens website has been updated and is being relaunched with a range of new features to make it more accessible and user-friendly.

Some of these new features include:

  • listing all Australian local government areas as regions so that users can access information that is specific to their location (sorted by postcode)
  • updated information about community kitchens to reflect the learnings of the past four years
  • more detailed listings of specific community kitchen groups including the mapping of kitchen locations using Google Maps
  • new detailed recipe listings including cost, number of servings, time taken and the option to attach photos.

To make the site as useful as possible, we encourage all people involved in community kitchens around Australia to make their contributions by:

  • registering as users
  • uploading or updating their kitchen details
  • uploading their favourite Community Kitchen recipes to share with others
  • discuss all things related to community kitchens on the online discussion forum
  • taking a leadership role by becoming ‘regional administrators’ for the website (contact admin@… for more information).

Our aim is to have all community kitchens in Australia listed on the website so that people all over the country can link into a Kitchen in their area.

Kind Regards
Josh Pereira

Community Nutritionist & Health Promotion Worker
Community Kitchens Project Officer
Community Health Frankston
PO Box 52 Frankston VIC 3199
Ph: (03) 9784 8483
Fax: (03) 9784 8149
Email: JPereira@…



  1. Ricky Gaspard

    Community Kitchen sounds interesting. Great way to share recipes and to learn techniques from others. Now I’m going to have to search my local area for a community kitchen. Thanks for the thought. You just got me motivated for the day!

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