Community composting comes to Peace Park

Community composting is an idea that is starting to capture the public imagination, however before community groups and councils rush in, a

little systems thinking won’t go astray. As Bill Mollison suggests, it’s a matter of “protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless action”.

Visit to read about Peace Park’s community composting trial and to see photos of the installation.


  1. Michael Neville

    Part of the original plan of this trial was to assess a variety of types of bins in terms of maintenance regimes to asses what would work best in these circumstances. Limitations in terms of materials storage areas and ‘curing’ points were a problem at this site.

    Aerobins are good in terms of generating heat and rapid breakdown of materials, but have deisgn flaws in terms of inbuilt hollows that can harbour cockraoches. Technical support provided by City of Sydney staff always stressed the crucial importance of balanced feedstock materials and regular ongoing maintenance. Training community members to manage the systems beyond initial educational and technical support was also a priority.

    In this case there is a verge garden in close proximity to take the finished compost material. Pateince by local composters is needed so that the materials are completely broken down before application tho the garden beds.

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