Community Builders award grant to Warners Bay Community Garden

THE WARNERS BAY COMMUNITY GARDEN group has just been granted $52,800 from the NSW government’s Community Builders Program – to build a community garden in Warners Bay!

The group applied in December last year for the grant funding and have just been advised our application was a success. Despite us not yet having a site, the Department of Human Services, Community Services has approved the grant in support of the project!

We are absolutely delighted and sincerely thank the Department for their support.

The money will cover administration, materials, a part-time caretaker and upkeep costs of the future garden. To review the concept plans for the garden, click here.

The WBCG committee will meet with representatives from the department on the 25th of August to discuss the finer details and the transfer of money.

A group of energetic volunteers like us can make $100 go a long way; just imagine what we can do with $52,800!!

We all remain absolutely committed to ensuring that the whole community benefits greatly from this generous grant.

We owe the grant success to the support of people like you. So from everyone else in the group, thank you so much for your ongoing support!

From the outset in December 2008, the Warners Bay Community Garden group has had fantastic support from the wider community, a great bunch of people with the right attitude and a professional and welcoming outlook. Now we have the financial means to make the garden happen.

Together with you we will build a community garden in Warners Bay for the whole community to enjoy, if given the opportunity. We have all the ingredients of a community garden, except a site!

All eyes are now on Lake Macquarie City Council to deliver on its promises.

This is a great moment for our group.

Please take a moment to celebrate this success and have a little daydream about the community garden we can build together.

Please feel free to spread the word to your family and friends!

Yours in celebration of our combined efforts,
WBCG Committee

Read the Warners Bay Community Garden newsletter.

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