Small furry marsupial makes surprise appearance

YOU CAN FIND all kinds of things in community gardens, but a small furry marsupial with a long snout is something less commonly encountered in the city.

The story begins when Alexandria Park community gardeners noticed conical scrapings in their mulch. They soon realized what might be causing this and notified the community centre management, who notified the national parks service.

The service set up a movement-activated camera one night…. which, around 2.30am, photographed a stealthy, furry mammal… the common cat. But that isn’t the disappointing end of the story for cats don’t make conical holes in the mulch. The guilty party, the conical hole maker, was caught in the camera’s flash several hours later, around 5.30am.

So, what is like a chunky rat in appearance and size, is furry, an Australian native and has a long snout? None other than our crafty, nocturnal community garden hole digger, the long nosed bandicoot.


Bandicoots are not uncommon in

the bush but they are an uncommon find in the City of Sydney local government area so close to the CBD.

This is the first recording of a bandicoot in Alexandria. There is a colony in the Inner West at Dulwich Hill and scattered sightings elsewhere in that region.

If anyone sights one of these creatures or any animal that is out of the ordinary for the area, contact your local council.


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