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Community gardening, city farming… the responsible, creative repurposing of urban land, urban spaces into community food, community places.

map-480Community food production offers new pathways to food secure and convivial towns, cities and neighbourhoods.

Our Map Directory is Australia’s most ambitious attempt to provide up-to-date contacts and locations for all of our community gardens.

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Photo credit: Glandore Community Garden, South Australia.
(flickr:donkeycart: 23573246@N03/4811087467)

Listing your community/ school/ footpath garden, city farm, community supported agriculture, food co-operative or other community food system shows the growing scale of Australia’s community food movement … people producing good food, convivial communities and a sense of place in our towns and cities.

We are many… we are growing… list with us for FREE.

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We’re keen to collaborate with other directory/mapping efforts. If you’ve got an idea or want to talk further, please get in touch with John Brisbin, ACFCGN’s Data Liaison support:

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  1. Michelle

    Hi, I would like to know if it would be possible to embed your map on our Council website so that visitors can search for gardens in the area? Will definitely follow up with our local gardens either way to register on the website, fair few more in the area. Thanks! Michelle, Sustainability Officer at Cairns Regional Council

    1. Map Directory Post author

      Hi Michelle,
      Sorry to take so long in reply…just now found your message!
      It should be easy to embed the map, centred on your Council area…however, it will take some fiddling on this side before you’re good to go.

      In the meantime, you can pass a “pre-loaded” link to people, or embed the whole page into your site. Try this URL:

      That puts your map at 100km around Cairns. (only one garden listed at the moment!)

      Feel free to drop me a line at:

      Kind regards,
      John Brisbin

  2. Dan

    I have a woodfired oven that needs a new home – located in Footscray. If a garden has space they are welcome to it. Please contact me for specific details- dan

    1. Noel Nickels

      Hi Dan, Just saw this. We are a community garden in East Keilor and would love to have a woood fired oven if it is still available. Noel

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