ABC Gardening Australia — free-range worms

Story by Russ Grayson, May 2016

On Wed 4 May the film crew from ABC Gardening Australia TV were at work videoing a couple segments for an upcoming episode – screening Sat 25 June 2016 – free range worms.

Some of the filming was done in between the sound of aircraft overflights, Crystal, the producer, encouraging a careful haste to get the scene on video while there was the chance.

Video production is a time consuming thing calling for much patience, many repetitions to get it right and not a small degree of perfectionism of the practical kind.

It was good to spend a little time with the people – producer Crystal, the camera operator and the sound recorder – the unseen people who make Costa Georgiadis happen (our ACFCGN ambassador).

So… If you haven’t been watching lately check the Permaculture Interpretive Garden in Randwick, NSW on ABC Gardening Australia this Sat 24 June 2016.


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