A great tree falls in our forest — goodbye Glenda

Tribute from Chris Ennis, CERES, March 2017

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to the incredible Glenda M Lindsay, great friend and supporter of community gardens and all things urban agriculture. Glenda’s tireless advocacy, inspiration and hard work will long be remembered through the many community food initiatives she was instrumental in getting going in Melbourne including the Fitzroy urban harvest food swap and Food Know How to name a few.

Thanks to Chris Ennis from CERES Fair Food for this lovely tribute that sums up how many of us feel about Glenda…

I’d like to say farewell to Glenda Lindsay who passed away recently. Glenda was a force of nature, a doer: she put her heart and her energy into so many local food and social justice projects that I used to think of her as a one person NGO. Over many years Glenda has been a hugely vocal and practical supporter of CERES, Cultivating Community, a founding member of the Fitzroy Urban Harvest Produce Swap and also of MADGE and many, many more.

Glenda was also a singer and was never afraid to sing in public. At a large public meeting Glenda famously roped reluctant Yarra councillors and staff into a hilarious sing-a-long about tropical fruits & climate change after she and her gang of guerrilla gardeners gained approval for City of Yarra residents to install raised garden beds in their parking spots instead of cars.

Intelligent, caring, driven and generous to a ‘T‘ in the ultimate Glenda-like act she threw open her own backyard to neighbours, creating a community garden known as Luscious Lane (that’s her in Luscious Lane above and below). For so many people, including myself, Glenda has played the role of the relentlessly positive encourager. She was one of those few special people who grew to become a big tree in our forest, a tree so many have depended upon. Our hearts are with you and your family. We are all richer for knowing you Glenda.

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