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Habitat for Birds Project, Northern Tasmania

Habitat for Birds Project, Northern Tasmania

During 2020/21, seven community gardens in the Launceston region, Northern Tasmania, were planted with local indigenous plants as a shelterbelt or aesthetic interconnected vegetation clump as habitat and food plants for beneficial insects and small birds. The gardens will benefit from birds such as thorn-bills and blue wrens visiting the area predating on garden insects in the garden thus supporting chemical-free food growing. 

Community connections and learning was fostered through all sites with individuals learning about the importance of small birds in urban food-growing areas.

School children were happy to spend time outdoors during the time of COVID lockdown, with 130 people participating across the 7 sites creating a total area of 1.8ha of habitat to support the various gardens.

Participating gardens included:

  • West Launceston Primary School Community Garden
  • Waverley Primary School Community Garden
  • Harmony Garden Mowbray
  • Riverside High School
  • Trevallyn Primary School Community Garden
  • Northern Suburbs Community Centre Community Garden
  • Hazara Community Garden St Leonard’s.

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